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Bebo becomes more visited than Facebook

Bebo is the fastest-growing social networking site

Social networking site Bebo is has more than Facebook according to comScore. The analyst company says its figures for July reveal that Bebo's 10.6 million UK unique users. That 63 per cent increase since the beginning of the year beats MySpace's 10.1 million and Facebook's 7.6 million uniques.

Bebo's lead over MySpace is obviously slim, but comScore's Bob Ivins doesn't think the growth is too surprising. "Those [sites] doing well in certain regions are likely doing an effective job of communicating appropriately with those regions' specific populations," he says. Bebo has a UK site and, as such, has more of a hold over UK youngsters.

Figures surfacing yesterday also showed that is the fastest growing virtual world, with 45,000 sign-ups per day, an immense figure that compares to Facebook's 'just' 10,000.