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Online kids prefer YouTube to sex

Utube, sorry, YouTube is very popular among children
Utube, sorry, YouTube is very popular among children

YouTube is the most popular search term for children, according to a new study by Symantec.

When the security company studied over 3.5 million searches made by OnlineFamily.Norton service users between February and July, it found that Google's video-sharing site is more popular than even sex and porn – with sex merely reaching fourth place and porn a measly sixth.

The top 100 searches have been published on Symantec's website, and are actually quite an eye-opening look at the online viewing habits of kids.

Utube, innit?

Interestingly, the list show that a startling amount of children are illiterate or just plain lazy, with 'utube' in at number 78 on the list.

Unsurprisingly, most of the top 100 is snippets of pop culture at the moment, with the names of songs, anything to do with Twilight and Lady Gaga popularising most of the 100 searches.

Speaking about the list, Symantec Internet Safety Advocate Marian Merritt said: "Seeing YouTube on top is no surprise. Kids use YouTube as a starting place for entertainment as well as for education purposes."