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Fry throws weight behind net neutrality

Stephen Fry - more than 100,000 Twitter followers
Stephen Fry - more than 100,000 Twitter followers

Stephen Fry has thrown his weight behind net neutrality, telling a packed Regent Street Apple store that fears over security should not degrade the freedom of the web.

Actor and comedian Fry, who was giving a talk on technology and the internet, has become a major voice in the industry – with his impact on micro-blogging site Twitter pushing his profile to a whole new level.

And key to Fry's love of the internet is the fact that it remains a free and open exchange – with all the good and bad that this entails.

Like a city

"The internet is like a city - it has red light districts, all kinds of weird people, who want to con and steal from you, but my god, they're exciting places to live and to be a citizen of it is a great privilege," said Fry.

"Yet people are trying to control the internet like they would never dare with a city."

The issue of net neutrality has become increasingly important in political agendas, with several governments discussing just how they can police a phenomenon that has become a powerful global force.

A huge section of the internet community has already vociferously argued for the net to remain neutral – with boundaries not set by equipment, body or government.