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Roberts Radio launches new kitchen DAB

Roberts Radio has launched a rather nifty new digital radio for those with limited workspace in the kitchen.

"The perfect ingredient to spice up any kitchen!" enthuses the release that just dropped into our inbox.

"Designed to fit neatly underneath a cupboard unit, this new radio offers a host of kitchen-friendly features that won't impose upon your countertop space."

Roberts' new DAB/FM RDS Kitchen Radio comes complete with a built-in under cupboard fixing bracket, an easy-to-clean control panel and sensor touch controls.

Expensive egg timer

You can also instantly record any show with the SD record function, save it onto an SD card and listen to it at a time that you fancy. Roberts' standard (quality) features such as the PausePlus and rewind functions are also available.

If you fancy, you can play back MP3s from the SD card via the Kitchen Radioor - just plug your iPod into the auxiliary input socket. Though be careful not to leave your iPod dangling precariously from its lead!

Oh. It also doubles up as a handy (if very expensive) egg timer! And you have to dig that easy-to-clean white finish.

A Christmas DAB bargain at £99.99. Check out