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Is a PSP 3000 imminent?

Speculation rife over PSP 3000

There’s been a flurry of excitement on PSP fansites in the past few days after a PSP 3000 placeholder image was discovered on Sony’s online instruction site.

Despite the link being at best tenuous, speculation quickly gathered pace on various forums centring on whether Sony was preparing to bring out a next-gen handheld to replace the PSP Slim, also known as the PSP-2000.

Some posters even began conjecturing over what features a new PSP might have, with the usual suspects such as built-in disk space, a camera, Bluetooth and 802.11n wireless functionality and even an all-new ‘PSP-phone’ type of device all touted.

Battery hack fixed

Some less optimistic posters have suggested that the 3000 will be exactly the same as the current 2000 model only with the Pandora battery hack fixed.

While it does seem certain that Sony will eventually replace the Slim model, it seems highly unlikely that the company would wish to do so barely seven months into its lifecycle.

Almost as if confirming this, the mysterious PSP-3000 placeholder image appears to have disappeared from the Sony site.

TechRadar contacted Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today and we were immediately served with a 'we do not comment on rumour or speculation'.