Zebra Technologies unveils new 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi access points

Zebra Technologies has introduced two new 802.11ac Wave Wi-Fi access points (APs). The new APs are designed to offer greater network performance, stronger customer engagement and Internet of Things (IoT) support. They are aimed at organisations in industries including retail, hospitality, healthcare, transportation and logistics, and manufacturing.

By embedding dedicated sensors that collect data across the entire expanse of the network, the new enterprise-class AP8432 and AP8533 (pictured with internal and external versions) access points offer what Zebra calls ‘visibility that’s visionary’. The data collected by the sensors can be turned into ‘actionable insights and secure connections in a cost-effective way’.

Zebra says the 802.11ac Wave 2 APs can deliver enterprises a dramatically higher density network with the sensors needed to measure, monitor and secure each connection. The AP8432 and AP8533 APs include Zebra’s Triple Sensor Technology which can automatically ward off RF interference and security risks, push relevant contextual offers and services to consumers and provide strategic-shaping analytics.

Optimising security

Zebra’s Triple Sensor Technology is comprised of three integrated sensors: a dedicated network sensor; Bluetooth sensor; and an RF spectrum sensor. The sensors can optimise security, customer engagement and network performance. Unlike other sensors that can only scan part-time, the dedicated, dual-band 802.11ac sensor continuously scans for rogue devices.

The AP8432 features built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE-out), enabling it to connect to IP video cameras, wireless temperature sensors or any other third-party IoT network. Both the AP8432 and AP8533 are integrated with Zebra’s WiNG5 intelligent distributed architecture, and future support for Zebra’s Azara Cloud networking solution will offer ‘unparalleled scalability and ease of deployment’, according to the company.

Zebra support services are available to ensure every phase of the WLAN lifecycle is optimised from planning and implementation to post-deployment.

Imran Akbar, Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Networks & Communications, Zebra Technologies, commented: “Networks are facing constantly increasing demand to support more mobile devices and applications.

‘At the same time, businesses are looking for technology solutions that can bring them closer to their customers and personalise experiences while keeping information and data secure from existing and emerging threat vectors. Zebra’s new 802.11ac Wave 2 access points do all of this while reducing costs and complexity for our customers.”

Zebra’s Wi-Fi technology is derived from Motorola Solutions, which the company acquired when it purchased Motorola’s Enterprise business in 2014.

Desire Athow
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