Xbox Elite Controller Series 2's Home button just got a whole lot more colorful

Black and white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller on black background showcasing the new RGB home button which is purple in this instnace
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Ever looked at that bright white Home button on your Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 and wondered: 'what if it was purple?' Well now it can be, with the latest Xbox update. 

Microsoft has rolled out an update for the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 that allows color customization of the Home button. Want to trade that plain white light for a pink, green or even a yellow? Now you can!

Accessible via the Xbox Accessories app on Xbox Series X|S (via Xbox Wire ) you can take your pick from over 16 million colors by altering hue and saturation, thanks to RGB support. But it's worth noting that this new feature is only available for the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. If you have a standard Xbox Wireless Controller, you're out of luck for now.

The update comes on the same day as the launch of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Core edition. This white version of the Elite, officially revealed earlier this month, is cheaper than the standard black. But that's only because the accessories bundled with the standard edition are sold separately for the white variant. 

How to customize Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Home button

To start customizing the color of the Home button of your Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, you need to update it with the latest firmware. You should be prompted to do this the next time you turn on your Xbox console.

Once you're updated, head into 'My games & apps' and find the Xbox Accessories app. This can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store if you don't already have it. Once in the app, choose (or create) a profile for your Xbox Elite Controller Series 2.

Next, you should see an all-new 'Color' tab within your controller's profile. Navigate over to that and you can begin altering your Xbox Home button's hue and saturation.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller

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A lovely update, but...

I'm a massive sucker for hardware customization of any kind. Anything from swappable thumbsticks to RGB lighting and I'm in. So I should be a big fan of this latest Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 update. And I am... almost.

I think it's a bit of a shame that the Xbox Home button's color remains static after being customized. It's a petty nitpick, I'll admit, but as someone who loves the color-switching effects on my PC and Corsair K65 keyboard, I can't help but be just a little disappointed in the Elite's implementation. Just a bit, though.

But in any case, it's a lovely new feature to have, and should work brilliantly in tandem with Xbox Design Lab, which Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers will be added to sometime later this year.

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