x64 emulation is coming to Windows on ARM

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ARM-based devices running Windows will soon have access to even more apps as Microsoft has finally revealed that it has been working on x64 emulation for Windows on ARM.

As reported by Neowin, ARM64 PCs can currently run 32-bit native ARM apps, 64-bit native ARM apps and 32-bit emulated Intel (x86) apps.

Soon though, users with ARM-based devices will be able to run 64-bit emulated apps. This is a huge deal as many software makers such as Adobe have moved entirely to 64-bit x86 apps and have stopped supporting their 32-bit variants all together. 

While emulated apps will likely perform worse than their native counterparts, Microsoft is ensuring that Windows on ARM will continue to be adopted by businesses and consumers by providing them with access to an even greater pool of apps.

x64 emulation

In a recent blog post, chief product officer at Microsoft, Panos Panay revealed that x64 emulation is coming to Windows 10 on ARM soon, saying:

“We are excited about the momentum we are seeing from app partners embracing Windows 10 on ARM, taking advantage of the power and performance benefits of Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. We will also expand support for running x64 apps, with x64 emulation starting to roll out to the Windows Insider Program in November.” 

Windows Insiders will get to test out how x64 emulation works on Windows 10 on ARM first but the feature will likely be generally available sometime next year.

Panay also said that Microsoft is working to make Edge faster while using less battery on Windows 10 on ARM and that the company will also release a native Microsoft Teams client for ARM-based devices.

Via Neowin

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