The top 10 IT trends for 2015: Gartner

So many gadgets, so little time
So many gadgets, so little time

During Gartner's Symposium/ITxpo the technology research firm revealed 10 strategic trends companies should focus on heading into 2015. The trends focus on how businesses can merge the virtual and real world, access intelligence everywhere, and take advantage of the emergence of new information technology (IT). The trends are listed below:

  1. Computing everywhere
  2. The Internet of Things
  3. 3D printin
  4. Advanced, pervasive and invisible analytics
  5. Context-Rich Systems
  6. Smart machines
  7. Cloud and client computing
  8. Software-defined applications and infrastructure
  9. Web-scale IT
  10. Security

Merging the real world and virtual world

Gartner says new mobile devices, wearables, and smart TV screens and displays means businesses will have to pay better attention to customer experience in order to deliver value regardless of which device consumers choose to interact with.

IoT will require organizations to determine how to better manage operations and products more effectively, Gartner claims. Additionally, businesses will have to determine ways to monetize and remote operate IoT assets.

3D Printing cost will decrease by 2017 and the market will grow as it provides real use cases for business value.

Intelligence Everywhere

Advanced, pervasive and invisible analytics will require business leaders to find better ways to gather data in order to better find answers to questions plaguing their business.

Gartner says computing systems will be able to provide context to queries based on pre-determined data, which should help to speed up processes.

Similarly, smart machines will be able to use artificial intelligence to evolve and adapt in order to provide more helpful, human-like interactions.

Taking advantage of new IT

Gartner says clouds applications must be designed specifically for business use. Converting apps to function in the cloud will no longer be a sensible option.

Because of the flexibility provided by Software-defined apps and infrastructure, businesses will be able to see almost immediate value as they reap the rewards of faster adaptations and scale.

Gartner suggests organizations leverage web-scale IT as a means to embrace risk and promote collaboration.

Security will undoubtedly be one of the more talked about trends moving forward. Gartner suggests IT leaders focus on applications that work best to provide customized protection specifically for your institution.