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Leopard DVD
Apple updated Leopard's spots again last night

Thursday morning brings us not just one step closer to the weekend, but also a ridiculous amount of frenzied speculation about the next-generation iPhone.

Frankly, we’re tired of the damn thing already and it’s not even due until 9 June, so will just bring you the concrete news that the latest version of the software development kit, SDK Beta 6, has just been released as Apple readies itself for the hype wave to crash against its bows next month.

New Leopard too

That particular piece of software requires users to upgrade their Mac OS X installation to 10.5.3, which also just happened to hit the download tubes last night.

The new version of Leopard – it’s a free download, of course – fixes some problems with Aperture and Time Machine, among other bug hits.

From personal experience, we’re wondering if anyone has managed to use Time Machine properly without becoming extremely annoyed by its unpredictability.

Dell gunning for OLPC?

Next, Gizmodo managed to get a quick look at a secret Dell subnotebook in the hands of none other than Michael Dell. He didn't show anything much beyond the cherry-red exterior and switched-off interior, but did say that it will be a cheap PC for developing countries.

Finally for this morning, a very unusual admission from US mail-order DVD-rental company Netflix suggests it believes physical media will be replaced by downloads come what may.

Speaking to investors, Reed Hastings – the Netflix CEO – said that DVD rentals will peak in five to ten years, meaning the company needs to focus on delivering movies online.

He said, “Once we're in streaming … we can attract well beyond 20 million subscribers worldwide.”

We’re sure they’re always be a market for tangible media, but that mid 2010s window looks about right to us for a major change in the delivery mechanism.

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