Wakey wakey: All the news in 30 seconds

We’ll kick off this morning’s roundup with the hot-ticket item that’s been the worst-kept secret in tech for months now – apparently, an Apple insider has confirmed that the 3G iPhone will hit the streets next month.

Speaking to Gizmodo, the unnamed source leaked the news that not only will iPhone 2.0 be announced on 9 June, but that it will definitely go on sale worldwide immediately.

We want to believe

Although there’s no way to confirm any of this, sites like Gizmodo absolutely do not risk their reputation on rumours this big unless they’re sure. We’d stake our shirts on this being the real deal.

If Apple still harboured any hope of shifting the remaining stock of old iPhones, that’s out the window now. Let’s just hope the whistleblower isn’t rooted out for a public flogging from Jobs and co.

iPhone data fears

Anyone who is thinking of offloading an original Apple phone will probably want to take a look at this news which raises some worrying concerns over data security.

If it’s correct, it seems it’s all but impossible to delete personal data from an iPhone before handing it over to a new owner or to Apple for resale as a refurbished unit.

Next, anyone who’s ever come across that YouTube message about videos being deleted because of copyright-infringement claims should check out YouTomb to find out why.

The MIT site data mines YouTube for info on deleted clips and pulls it all together to provide a listing of who asked for their removal and plenty more. Fascinating reading.

OLPC dreaming

Lastly for this morning, how’s this for a piece of wishful thinking? OLPC’s Nicholas Negroponte used a US conference to share his plans for the next-generation XO laptop for kids in developing countries.

The mocked-up machine – with dual touchscreens and plenty more futuristic stuff – looks fantastic, but how about OLPC focus on getting the current version right and delivered on time first?

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