Businesses need to get the web basics right to attract and keep customers

Businesses need to get the web basics right to attract and keep customers
Get the web basics right

New research from Ecommerce vendor SellerDeck shows that online retailers who fail to get the web basics right risk losing customers.

The survey of 500 online shops found that easy navigation and detailed product information were found to be the most important aspects of an ecommerce website from the customer's point of view.

In the number three position in the Top 10 Ecommerce Turn-Offs was information about whether or not an item is out of stock, with a previous good experience with the retailer's website in fourth place.

Surprisingly, offering the cheapest prices is only the fifth most important consideration for an ecommerce company, followed by having a professional-looking website, with positive feedback from other customers seventh.

According to the survey, having a fast-performing website is in ninth place, which flies in the face of Google's idea of what makes a good website. According to Google, poorly performing websites are pushed further down the search results page than sites with a fast response time.

When it comes to the Top 10 Ecommerce Turn-Offs, though, having a site that looks insecure is the most likely thing to put off potential buyers. Bugs and technical issues with the site are the second biggest turn-off, while insufficient product information and product images come in third place.

Other key problem areas highlighted in the survey include complicated shopping carts, long checkout forms and poorly-designed, slow websites also feature on the list of Top 10 Ecommerce Turn-Offs, with a lack of customer feedback and reviews, non UK-based retailers and poor choice of delivery options bring up the rear.