Screen sharing comes to Linux via Deskhop

Linux penguin
Now Linux users can tutor their grandparents on how to use Facebook, too!

RealVNC has announced that its self-destructing free-to-use computer screen sharing application for Facebook is now also available for the first time on Linux systems.

The screen sharing app will be able to be used by anyone with a Facebook account. Deskhop allows users to share their computer screen with a Facebook friend, useful for anyone wanting to give simple tech support to their family and friends.

RealVNC also say that deskhop can be used for collaboration, training and sharing private information. Due to its cross-platform nature, Linux users can share their screen with others on Windows or Mac.

You do need friends, though

Deskhop works by prompting two people wanting to share screens to temporarily run a small software program on their computers. The two programs then automatically establish an encrypted connection together over the internet. When this is complete, one user effectively takes over the screen of the other.

If either person disconnects, both original clients are automatically deleted, leaving no trace, either of the program or its execution file. Once this has happened, neither party can re-establish connection without the other's permission. Effectively, this stops someone gaining unauthorised access to your screen and computer.

Deskhop can't transmit sound, and users cannot share files between each other, something RealVNC recommends users do with other forms of software. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox all support deskhop. A Facebook account is also needed, and, the company states candidly, at least one friend.