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Identity management: how the cloud can help your business

For many smaller companies, it will be advantageous to look at Identity as a Service (IDaaS) – where the identity infrastructure is managed by a third party in the cloud. This will cut costs and provide security you might not otherwise have been able to afford.

"IDaaS is a great way to save costs and avoid the need for extra employees to manage the aspects of the identity lifecycle," says Josh Forman, VP Services at cloud service Ilantus.

The company has a service specifically tailored to the SMB market in the form of the Identity Lifecycle Solution, a suite of tools that runs in the Ilantus cloud or on-premises. "The solution supports modular deployment – so customers can choose which aspects of the identity lifecycle they would like to implement, and in what order," says Forman.

Gogia says that cloud services such as Okta and Ping Identity are also ideal for SMBs.


Accumuli, which serves firms of all sizes, offers users a token with a password to enter when they log in. "The token lasts 60 seconds. We have taken away the headache of identity management at the same level," says Aplin.

The token could be tied to Microsoft's SharePoint, as well as email, Salesforce and BYOD, Aplin says. "When you are assigned a token you get a PIN number then the token itself to get a six digit number that changes every 60 seconds. So without a PIN, if the token is stolen it is worthless."

Those who already have the infrastructure in place can just buy the tokens, which cost "hundreds of pounds rather than thousands", says Aplin.

Meanwhile, OneID's service is not small company-specific, but can be used in a variety of environments including SMB. It can also be used as an authentication front end for other identity management systems.

As cyber attacks on smaller firms become commonplace, having an ID management strategy using tools such as cloud is essential. Identity management is a good basis for security and, with solutions that do it all for you, it doesn't have to be complex.