Samsung kickstarts first 'Insights club' with smart society report

Samsung report
Smarter society, that's not a pipeline dream

Samsung partnered with the Big Innovation Centre (BIC) to produce a report – entitled "Towards Smarter Society" - that looks at how the UK is progressing towards a smart society.

The paper, written by Charles Levy and David Wong, probed a panel of 20 highly influential experts on three main themes looking at how smart the British society is, what are the barriers to its development and what needs to be done to make it even smarter.

Andy Griffiths, President of Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, explained that his company views the UK "as a pace setter of technological innovation", with the country's relation with technology described as "more confident and more demanding", something exemplified by the concept of "box set bingeing".

We're a smarter society

"Confidence", he added, "is the key to becoming a smarter society" before emphatically claiming that "Analogue Britain is no more, we're now Digital Britain".

The partnership between Samsung and BIC – which is an initiative from the Work Foundation and the Lancaster University – is a year-long one that started at the beginning of 2014.

The research process will be rerun on a regular basis, according to Griffiths, to create a longitudinal vision of how the British society is evolving towards a smarter one.

A further summary report is likely to be presented at the next Insights Club meeting to be held later this year.

Desire Athow
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