Word up: read everything anywhere with this incredible app

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What do luxury tech title T3, gaming bible Edge, the football fanatics of FourFourTwo, the tomfoolery of Top Gear and the movie magic of Total Film have in common? They’re just some of the 6,000+ magazines and newspapers you’ll find in the handy Readly app. 

If you’ve ever found yourself scrolling through social media to find something worth reading, Readly is the app for you. Whether you’re at home or on the go, it’s the perfect app for staying up-to-date with the latest trends, learning more about your favourite things or just enjoying the luxury of kicking back with a great magazine. 

Readly has an amazing selection, and it’s amazing value for money too. For a small monthly subscription – just £9.99 – you and your family get unlimited access to the world’s greatest publications.

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More than words

Readly doesn’t just bring you the words. It brings you the entire magazine or newspaper just as it appears in print, but without the environmental footprint of all that ink and paper. That means you get all the beautiful photography in Car magazine, the comic strips in Viz and the mouth-watering close-ups in Delicious and BBC Good Food – and you get all of those things without any of the invasive ads and trackers that plague so many websites.

Flipping pages feels just like the real thing, especially on a touchscreen, and it’s easy to browse the catalogue and navigate inside each publication. You can subscribe to your favourites so you’ve always got the very latest issue, and you can bookmark specific articles so you can find them later. That’s particularly handy for magazines featuring how-tos you’ll want to keep coming back to, such as guitar tutorials or sample programming code.

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Everything everywhere all at once

What makes Readly really special is the sheer size of its collection. No matter what you’re interested in, Readly has stacks of titles covering every conceivable niche in that category. For example if you’re into technology there’s T3, Edge, Wired UK, Stuff, Macworld, What Hi-Fi, PC Pro, Photoshop user and over 200 more titles; if you’re into cars there’s over 170 magazines including Car, Top Gear, Auto Express, Classic Car Buyer and What Car as well as magazines about specific manufacturers and specific cars; and if music’s your thing there are over 130 publications including Uncut, BBC Music, Total Guitar, Record Collector, Computer Music and more. The kids’ selection is really good too, with an excellent mix of flat-out fun and more educational magazines. 

And it’s not just magazines. Readly also offers a huge range of newspapers ranging from local press to national titles such as The Guardian, the Independent, the Express, the Mirror, the Daily Star and many others. The range of available publications is truly astonishing: if Readly was a real newsagent, it’d be so big you’d be able to see it from space.

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Everything you need on any device

Readly has clearly been put together by people who love to read: it’s free from unnecessary bells and whistles because it knows that with magazines and newspapers, content is king. It’s fast, fluid and available for mobile, tablet and desktop, and you can download titles for offline reading for when you’re travelling or going on holiday. 

One of the best features of Readly is its family sharing. This means you can share your subscription with family and friends on up to five devices, so your £9.99 subscription works out as less than £2 per person. Everybody’s collection is personal and personalised, so you won’t get recommendations based on what your partner or kids are reading and vice-versa. 

You can tell that Readly is proud of its content: there’s an exclusive 2-month free trial that gives you full access to everything, and when you decide to sign up – and we think you will; it’s that good – there’s no attempt to lock you into a long term subscription. There’s no minimum subscription, and you can cancel your account at any time.

Whether it’s current affairs or computing, football or food, tech or tractors, if you’re interested in it Readly has it. It’s an amazing app and incredible value for money.

Click here to see Readly’s incredible selection and start your 2-month free trial.