Windows 11 gets stylish new Mail, Calendar apps to boost your productivity

Windows 11 Calendar
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Ahead of the release of Windows 11 later this year, Microsoft is rolling out several updates to the productivity tools that ship with its operating system to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.

These new updates will give Windows Insiders a chance to familiarize themselves with the new design language of Windows 11 and the software giant is rolling out an updated version of its Snipping Tool, Calculator, Mail and Calendar apps.

When Windows 11 ships, both the classic Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch apps will be replaced by a new Snipping Tool app that takes the best aspects of both to provide an even better screen capture experience. Windows 11's Snipping Tool also includes new visuals with added functionality such as the Win + SHIFT + S keyboard shortcut from Snip & Sketch as well a new settings page.

Now after taking a screenshot, Windows 11 users will be able to annotate, crop and add other edits to their images without having to open a different app. It's also worth noting that the new Snipping Tool will appear in dark mode if you have your operating system configured to use it. However, users will be able to choose which theme they want to use from the app's settings page.

Calculator, Mail and Calendar apps

The Calculator app is also getting a new look for Windows 11 and even includes a new app theme setting just like the Snipping Tool. However, Microsoft has rewritten the app in C# so that more people can contribute to it on GitHub.

The new Calculator app looks like it could be the perfect back to school companion as it includes both a standard calculator and a more powerful scientific calculator for  complex math. Programmer Mode on the other hand offers rich functionality for both programmers and engineers. A conversion tool has also been added to the Calculator app that allows users to convert between over 100 different units and currencies.

Finally Microsoft's Mail and Calendar apps has been updated with a new visual style as well which includes rounded corners and other adjustments to make them look and feel part of Windows 11. Just like with the Snipping Tool and Calculator apps, the software giant's updated Mail and Calendar apps can reflect your Windows theme.

While Windows Insiders can test out these updated apps now, Microsoft plans on releasing even more updates to Windows 11's native apps soon.

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