Vodafone offers instant quote with new smartphone trade-in tool

iPhone 13
(Image credit: TechRadar)

Vodafone has launched a new trade-in-tool for customers, promising to provide the best possible offer for their handset when they decide to upgrade.

The new tool promises a guaranteed quote within five minutes so users know the value of their device before sending it in. If the quote is accepted, customers can choose between cash, credit, or a deduction against their monthly bill.

Customers then have two weeks to submit their old phone via a pre-paid return pack or they can drop it in any of Vodafone’s retail stores.

UK trade-in tool

The operator says its tool is a new benchmark for the industry, indicative of the growing importance of mobile recycling and refurbishment, and the need for vendors to make the process as simple as possible – especially online.

“People across the UK are understandably extremely value-conscious right now, but we know many still want to get their hands on the latest tech,” said Max Taylor, consumer director at Vodafone. 

“So for anyone thinking about getting a new smartphone, we urge them to consider trading in with Vodafone as we can guarantee they won’t get a better price for their current device anywhere else.

“Getting better value for your current smartphone means that you’ll be able to get the latest handset at a more affordable price, saving you money at a time when it’s really needed.”

Demand for refurbished smartphones has been driven by the increasing cost of flagship handsets and the need for sustainability. Every device recycled and reused helps reduce emissions caused by manufacturing and transport, while it also reduces the need to mine for precious metals and tackles the growing problem of eWaste.

Meanwhile, the volume and quality of stock has been enhanced by trade-in programmes as purchasers of new devices trade-in their old device to reduce the cost. Vodafone says it sells 97% of the devices that are traded-in by customers.

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