Vivaldi browser teams up with ultra-private Startpage search engine

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(Image credit: Vivaldi)

The privacy-focused Vivaldi browser has announced a partnership with search engine Startpage to allow users the ability to control what data is collected when they browse the Internet.

Commenting on the collaboration, Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner said it will allow users to browse the web "freely and without any intrusions to their privacy.”  

Startpage has grown rapidly to becoming one of the most popular privacy-focused search engines on offer today. Results provided by the site are not "profiled" according to the user's data, meaning they cannot be shown targeted adverts or be followed by intrusive price trackers.

Vivaldi startpage

The partnership with Startpage should also help Vivaldi address concerns that 84% of its customers have about the privacy of their search data online. Under the agreement, Startpage will become one of the search engine options that Vivaldi offers.

The results provided by the Vivaldi browser also conform to European data protection laws. 

Vivaldi is currently available on a variety of Android devices as well as with the Mac, Linux, and Windows computers, and as it delivers search results with minimum lag it compares well against major offerings such as Chrome and Firefox.

By picking Startpage, users will get several benefits provided by the "world's most private search engine". Startpage has seen its popularity rise as users want better privacy for their Internet searches, with the coronavirus pandemic further amplifying the need for enhanced protection of data resulting from Internet searches.

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