Antec shows off new PSUs for gamers

Component company Antec has released a line of power supply units (PSUs) geared at the high-power users and gamers who need high current capability and reliability.

The new High Current Gamer series will deliver high-output current while reducing wiring loss.

Every model has over current protected +12V rails with High Current functionality so there's minimal loss to wiring resistance, and all achieve the 80 PLUS® Bronze certification level, delivering their rated Continuous Power with a minimum of 82% efficiency at typical loads.

With an active power factor higher than 0.9, there's greater efficiency and less electrical waster tan in other models.

The Full Series

Scott Richards, senior vice president of Antec, said: "As the first consumer power supply line to offer a fully protected 40 amperes of maximum current on its +12V rails, the HCG gives users outstanding power capabilities needed to support the most current high-end graphics cards, extensive drive arrays and multi-core CPUs."

The HCG-750 and the HCG-900 are the top of the range in the High Current Gamer series, delivering 750 and 900-watts of Continuous Power, respectively. The HCG-620, HCG-520 and HCG-400 are also available. The first two have a limited five year warranty, and the others a limited three-year warranty.

Every unit supports Intel multi-core, Core i3, Core i7 and Core i5 CPUs, as well as AMD Phemon II X6 CPUs and quad GPUs.