UK operators promise to be 'fair' to customers

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The UK’s major mobile operators are among those who have signed up to a of a new voluntary pledge to put “fairness” at the heart of their businesses.

EE, O2, Three and Vodafone have promised to adhere to the principles of the document, as have major Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and landline, broadband and television providers.

“I welcome the commitments the providers have made, and the action they’re taking to ensure customers are treated fairly every step of the way,” said Ofcom CEO Sharon White.

Operator fairness

“Great service cannot be optional. It has to be the norm. That hasn’t always happened in the past in broadband and mobile services, but there is now a growing belief from providers that putting customers first is paramount.”

The “Fairness for Customers” commitments include a promise to give customers the most suitable deal for their needs and to provide clear information before, after and during a contract.

Vulnerable customers or those whose circumstances change will be treated fairly, while operators have also promised to fix any problems and allow customers to walk away from their contract if they do not receive the standard of service they have signed up for.

Additionally, all signatories have said they will not impose any barriers to customers who wish to change provider or their service.

“Until now too many people have received a raw deal from their broadband or mobile phone supplier, added Caroline Normand, Which? Director of Advocacy. “So it’s a positive step that all the major players have signed up to Ofcom's new fairness commitments.”

Ofcom will publish a progress report next year, alongside its usual complaints and satisfaction publications, to see how each company is performing in the delivery of these goals.

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