Ubuntu users angered by ‘advert’ in command line

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Canonical, the maker of popular Linux distribution Ubuntu, has come under fire over an attempt to spread the word about a new promotion.

As TechRadar Pro reported last week, Canonical is now offering free access to the enterprise-focused version of Ubuntu for up to five workstations. In an effort to advertise the scheme, the company is distributing a message via the command line to any user that updates the OS.

However, a section of the Ubuntu user base has not taken kindly to the move, which has been interpreted as an inappropriate intrusion by some.

Ubuntu backlash

Although the offending message is designed to promote a free service, vocal Ubuntu users have taken to platforms like Reddit and the official Canonical forum to make their displeasure known.

The consensus among those angered by the command line message is that it’s an unnecessary annoyance and perhaps a breach of the unwritten agreement between Canonical and its users.

Others speculated that the attempt to promote Ubuntu Pro may be a breach of data protection regulation that prevents companies in some countries from advertising to users of a service without securing prior consent.

However, some community members also came to the defence of Canonical, arguing that the message is only a minor inconvenience and drawing attention to the fact there is no charge to use the Ubuntu operating system.

“Let me understand the issue. You are using a distribution from a for-profit corporation and you are unwilling to use it if a one-line opt-in ‘offer’ is mentioned?” asked one Reddit user.

Another noted, quite rightly, that Microsoft has frequently taken the opportunity to include advertisements in components of its Windows OS, a platform people are already paying to use.

TechRadar Pro has asked Canonical whether it intends to change course, in light of the backlash, but did not receive an immediate response.

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