Ubuntu 19.10 is getting killed off on July 17 – so make sure you upgrade

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For anyone running the Ubuntu 19.10 Linux distribution, you have until July 17 to update to a newer version, as Canonical, the company behind the distro, has announced that after that date, version 19.10 (also known as “Eoan Ermine”) will enter its end of life.

That means Ubuntu 19.10 will no longer receive important security patches, updates and fixes. Most installed applications won’t get updates, and you’ll won't be able to install new apps either.

Even though Ubuntu 19.10 was only released in October last year, it was an interim release with 9-months of support. While any PC running Ubuntu 19.10 will continue to work after July 17, because you won’t get security updates, it’s highly recommended that you upgrade ASAP.

Upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

It’s recommended that you upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, which is the latest version. It’s also a Long Term Support release, which means you get free support until 2025.

Ubuntu 20.04 comes with some great new features such as improved themes and the latest GNOME desktop, as well as better ZFS support, and it also comes with the Linux 5.4 kernel, which brings a host of new features.

It also features all the updates and improvements brought in by Ubuntu 19.10. Make sure you check out our guide on how to install Ubuntu to find out how to upgrade to the latest release.

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