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TRA extends validity of wireless authorisations of hospitals in UAE

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The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the UAE (TRA) has extended the validity of all wireless authorisations of hospitals and medical centres across the country, regardless of the expiry date of the authorisation, to support the precautionary measures taken by the UAE health sector in the current circumstances.

TRA said in a statement that it has also announced that it has provided a package of backup radio frequencies to support the wireless communication system in the health sector in the UAE, so that it can be allocated immediately upon request without the need to pre-pay the fees required to complete the transaction.

TRA assured that the spectrum monitoring system is working around the clock to limit any harmful wireless interference that impedes the work of vital services.

“Hospitals and medical centres will be given priority in the event of jamming or interference affecting their devices or causing delay or disruption of their work, in order to strengthen and support the precautionary measures taken by the UAE to protect society and preserve the health of citizens and residents,” it said.