This homemade server is pure Raspberry Pi

image of the Raspberry Pi Server Mark III
(Image credit: Uptime Labs)

A maker has designed a 3D printed Raspberry Pi server rack that can hold over a dozen of the single board computers (SBC) and dish out some serious computing. 

Our friends over at Tom’s Hardware came across the server, which can house up to 14 Raspberry Pis, each powered by the official Raspberry Pi power over ethernet (PoE) HAT, along with 14 2.5-inch SATA SSDs connected to the Raspberry Pis via a USB 3.0 to SATA adaptor.

The Raspberry Pi Server Mark III is designed by Ivan Kuleshov and as its name suggests, is the third design iteration of the server.

Customizable server rack

Speaking to TechRadar Pro, Kuleshov said that he built the first iteration of the server six months back when he and his colleagues were looking for a server to run the TeamCity build management and continuous integration server. 

He found a design on Thingiverse, and adapted it as per his needs to come up with the Mark I that could hold eight Raspberry Pis with a 512GB SSD.

The Mark III is the result of further refinements to the design. It can now hold 14 Raspberry Pis in modular 2 rack units, along with five 80mm fans that are mounted to the side for cooling. Despite its size, Kuleshov says the Mark III has a fewer number of parts and thus prints faster and also uses less filament. 

We aren’t sure how Ikoula and Mythic Beasts string together the Raspberry Pis for their web hosting solutions powered by the SBC, but we reckon this design would make life a lot easier for anyone looking for a similar setup.

Via: Tom's Hardware

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