There’s a new Windows 10 coming and it is the most powerful yet

You may recall that last week, Microsoft accidentally pushed out some unfinished preview builds of Windows 10, and combing through these has resulted in the revelation that there are three new flavours of the desktop OS incoming, including ‘Windows 10 Pro for Advanced PCs’.

And as MS Power User reports, that initial spillage was followed by a leaked slide published on Twitter, detailing the features of Windows 10 Pro for Advanced PCs (which it calls Windows 10 Pro for Workstation PCs, a placeholder name).

The new version of Pro will support more powerful PCs, including machines with four processors (the current limit is two CPUs) and memory configurations of up to 6TB. It will also have a ‘workstation mode’ which will ‘provide peak performance and reliability in graphics and compute intensive use cases’, according to Microsoft’s spiel.

Windows 10 Pro for Advanced PCs will also benefit from a new resilient file system, ReFS, which Microsoft notes is the successor to NTFS – it’ll be fully backwards compatible, designed for fault tolerance, and optimised for handling large amounts of data.

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Faster file-sharing

Furthermore, the OS will benefit from SMBDirect protocol-based file-sharing, making for much faster sharing of files over the network, and less resource load on the processor.

There will doubtless be more benefits in addition to these, but they’re the core features Microsoft highlighted in the leaked slide.

The other flavours of Windows which were leaked are Windows 10 Pro N for Advanced PCs, a variant for EU countries which allows users to choose their own media playing software, and Windows Server 2016 ServerRdsh – Rdsh standing for ‘Remote Desktop Session Host’.

So presumably the latter spin is aimed at hosting Windows applications (allowing users to access them from wherever, i.e. from their home PC and so forth), or the full Windows desktop for Remote Desktop Services client.

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