The second deadliest boss in Diablo 4 is responsible for 2% of all player deaths

Diablo 4 - Der Schlächter ist ein Low-Level schrecken, der mit etwas Glück plötzlich überwindbar scheint
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If you've had a rough time fighting the Butcher in Diablo 4, then you're not alone. It turns out most players have had their fair share of controller-breaking moments at the hands of a single relentless boss. 

Diablo 4 is by no means a walk in the park, but some bosses are more forgiving than others. In a recent infographic from Blizzard, it turns out that the Butcher is officially the second deadliest boss there is (runner-up to Uber Lilith). 

The Butcher can show up at any time in any dungeon and will chase you or your team until one of you succumbs to his bloody attacks. Unfortunately, for hardcore players, the Butcher's difficulty directly scales with your level meaning that even max-level powerhouses aren't safe. No one's safe from this big bad guy. 

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Specifically, the Butcher is responsible for 1.8% of total player deaths in Diablo 4: that's 5.8 million deaths in just the first week. However, when you take into account that the total player deaths for Diablo 4 wrack in at around 317 million, the statistic becomes slightly more believable. 

To older fans of the franchise, these numbers won't come as a surprise. The Butcher has been hunting down players since Diablo 1 in 1997 and has been present in every game since, except for Diablo 2. His weapon of choice will send shivers down every player's spine, especially those familiar with Overwatch 2's Roadhog, with his chain hook that can pull you closer or beastly charge that'll flatten even the toughest player. This is one boss you don't want to meet down a dark ally. 

Looking beyond the big, bad, butcher the other statistics for Diablo 4 are more than impressive. Blizzard's fastest-ever selling game has 166 million parties created, 276 hours played, 2.73 billion monsters killed in the first week of release. Having played the multiplayer to death, ourselves, there's no doubt that this action RPG deserves a place on our best RPGs list

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