The Co-operative bank launches free security advice for SMBs

The Co-operative Bank
(Image credit: The Co-operative Bank)

The Co-operative Bank is hosting a free fraud awareness webinar to help small businesses protect themselves from potential threats. 

The online event will feature experts from The Co-operative Bank’s fraud and cybersecurity team, as well as leading experts from Greater Manchester Police and the Federation of Small Business (FSB).

In 2019, fraud and cybercrime cost UK businesses £824m. With cases on the rise, The Co-operative Bank wants to offer guidance to members of the small business community and help them recognise scams, take any necessary action and use preventative measures against threats in the future.

The webinar will feature an overview of the key fraud issues, scams and cyber-attacks that a business could be targeted with, plus tips, support and guidance from a panel of leading experts. Small business owners can also submit questions before the session so specific topics or issues can be discussed during the event.

Small business advice

The online session is being run in partnership with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and takes place on Wednesday July 8, starting at 11:00am. 

“We want to do what we can to support SMEs who could be targeted with what are increasingly sophisticated and complex scams and fraud attempts,” said Sarah Barker Relationship Banking Director at The Co-operative Bank.

"This is such a challenging time for the small business community and when so many are still weathering the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak the additional impacts of a fraud, scam or cyber-attack at this time could have a significantly greater impact on a small business than ever before."

"We hope we can give practical tips and guidance that might help small businesses from falling victim.”

Anyone not able to make the session will be able to catch it afterwards, via the bank’s website.

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