SeeSaw says that the 'PC Dinner' is taking over

Are you a ceramic surfer?
Are you a ceramic surfer?

Video on demand service SeeSaw has conducted research that suggests one in five of us regularly indulges in a 'PC dinner', eating our evening meal in front of a computer.

The TV dinner is so last millennium it seems, with a poll of 2,000 people throwing up some interesting suggestions about our behaviour in the UK.

Over 60 per cent of people said they had eaten their dinner in front of a computer and 21 per cent do it regularly, while half of us enjoy laptop lunches.


And if you are already worrying about crumbs in the keyboard, germs and the hygiene factor then stop reading now because a third of Brits use the internet on the toilet – or at least that's what the poll suggests.

We're hoping that there isn't too much of a crossover between PC diners and what we are politely terming "ceramic surfers".

SeeSaw's survey also suggested that 23 per cent of people have replaced the television with the PC as the main source of their evening entertainment. We just hope that they washed their hands first.


John Keeling, Platform Controller for SeeSaw, commented: "This incredible research shows how millions of British people cannot tear themselves away from the internet, even for dinner.

"The growth of the PC Dinner is a remarkable new trend and for many across the nation, has now replaced the traditional TV dinner.

"The relentless growth of technology means that Brits now enjoy many of their programmes online and who better to eat your evening meal with than Jeremy Clarkson or the cast of EastEnders?"

Patrick Goss

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