TechRadar Pro Best for Business Awards 2019: Best business software-as-a-service

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Last month we gave our readers a chance to cast their vote to help us narrow down our extensive longlists of the best B2B tech and accessories for the TechRadar Pro Best for Business Awards 2019, in partnership with Avast Business. 

The votes have now been counted, and here are our picks for the best business software-as-a-service in 2019.

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Best Collaboration Tool: Huddle

Cloud-based platform Huddle is this year’s pick for the best collaboration tool. Huddle allows members of an organization to organize and share files, manage tasks and projects and work together online across a wide variety of file types. The software also provides seamless integration with a number of third party apps and business systems such as Okta, Salesforce and SharePoint.  

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Best Project Management: Microsoft Project

Organizations that are already heavily invested in Microsoft’s ecosystem should certainly consider the company’s own project management software, Microsoft Project. 

The software can be purchased either as an add-on to your existing Office 365 subscription or as a standalone version for on-premise deployment. Microsoft Project is a powerful tool to aid businesses in dealing with the more detailed aspects of project management including resource management, reports and timesheets. However, you will need a certified project manager on staff to use this software to its fullest. 

Capsule CRM

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Best CRM Solution: Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is this year’s pick for the best CRM solution.

Instead of trying to win over new customers with a lengthy feature list, Capsule CRM focuses on the basics: contact management, collaboration, sales pipeline, scheduling and tasks. The software allows you to track customer’s social media, attach documents and emails to their records, tag contacts or organize them in lists, create tasks and view your schedule in the calendar. 

Capsule CRM also offers a free basic account that supports two users, 250 contacts and 10 MB of storage. While it may be a little too lightweight for long term use, a basic account does give interested users a chance to test out this CRM for themselves. 

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Best HR Solution: Sage Business Cloud People

Sage Business Cloud People is an end-to-end HR solution that provides human resources team visibility of their global workforce while also automating administrative tasks. 

Businesses that already use Salesforce will be right at home as Sage business Cloud People is built on top of Salesforce’s technology platform - although you don’t need to be a Salesforce customer to use this software.

 Sage Business Cloud includes core HR, talent management, workforce management and a self-service portal. It also integrates with several third-party applications for accounting and payroll. 

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

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Best Accounting Solution: Sage Business Cloud Accounting

This year’s pick for the best accounting solution is Sage Business Cloud Accounting as it gives small businesses the tools the need to tame the challenges of bookkeeping with a cloud-based approach. 

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is available via a subscription model and the company offers both a starter plan with Accounting Start as well as a more advanced plan that includes invoicing and cash flow management in Accounting. Sage Business Cloud Accounting also integrates with over 100 connected apps including ReciptBank, Fluidly, AutoEntry and Stripe. 

There is even a free 30-day trial available for businesses that want to try out the service for themselves.