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Tech Data brings its award-winning Tech-as-a-Service programme to the UK

In an effort to aid resellers in providing customers with hardware, software and services on subscription, Tech Data has announced the launch of its award-winning Tech-as-a-Service programme in the UK.

The programme, which CRN awarded the Most Innovative Project of the Year in 2017, aims to transform how end-users consume technology by offering the most competitive rates and residual values in the UK market while providing channel partners with life-cycle management capabilities.

Tech Data will launch its product first in the UK followed by a rollout to other regions throughout the beginning of 2018.  Through the programme, resellers will be able to provide end-users with the latest technology without putting the stress on their IT budgets that an up-front capital investment would incur.  They will also be able to couple Tech Data’s Tech-as-a-Service programme with their own services such as training, support, maintenance and installation into the subscription making it a more complete package for end-users.

Full solution

Tech Data UK’s Executive Lead Matt Child highlighted the ways the programme can be beneficial for resellers as well as their customers, saying:

“Many customers are moving towards a services-based, pay-as-you-go model for their IT consumption. With our programme, resellers can now offer a full technology solution in a single subscription. Technology acquisition, deployment, management, and end-of-life recycling are all covered under one agreement and delivered through flexible payment options.”

By utilising a multi-funder approach, Tech Data has made it possible for resellers to offer end-users the latest hardware products in the UK at the most competitive subscription rates.  The company has also provided automated tools to create real-time subscription offers to help streamline the process for resellers.

Tech Data resellers in the UK can join the programme now and begin offering it to end-users in education, government and at corporations since it is compliant with regulations across a number of industries.  

End-users will soon be able to benefit from the programme’s flexibility as it will allow organisations to upscale as they grow and refresh their devices and software at a much more frequent pace than was possible through large capital purchases.