Surfshark now offers manual WireGuard connections

Woman using Surfshark VPN on a laptop
(Image credit: Surfshark)

One of the best VPN services around right now, Surfshark has responded to the growing demand of its users by enabling manual WireGuard connection to be set up by anyone.

Users are now able to take advantage of the better speeds and security protection offered by the WireGuard protocol on even more devices. 

"A manual WireGuard connection would allow the use of this protocol in cases where our apps are not available, for example networks where Surfshark apps are blocked or on routers that support this protocol," explained the provider on the Feature Upvote forum.

The leading VPN service is one of the first on the market to offer the modern encryption protocol for manual connections. 

Surfshark manual Wireguard configuration graphic

(Image credit: Surfshark)

Why use a manual WireGuard connection?

As the developers behind the best cheap VPN on the market explain in a blog post, WireGuard "connects you to VPN servers quicker, provides fast browsing speeds, and maintains total security."

These are the reasons why Surfshark users felt the need to be able to use such protocol on any devices, under any circumstances. 

Specifically, you might want to consider using Surfshark manual WireGuard connections when: 

  • You want to enjoy WireGuard benefits in a country restricting VPN usage;
  • You want to benefit from faster speeds on VPN-compatible routers;
  • You are after better security and more reliable performance on devices Surfshark doesn't offer apps for;
  • You want to protect all your devices without jeopardizing the overall network performance.   
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