Starfield isn't coming to PlayStation, but the next best alternative is on sale

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The PlayStation Spring Sale is underway, and for a limited time, users will have access to some of the biggest games on the store for great prices. 

PS5 and PS4 users rejoice, the PlayStation Spring Sale has started and with this comes the perfect time to secure those games that looked amazing but had too high an asking price. The sale will last from March 29 to April 12, giving players two weeks to find the best title. 

However, if you're currently strapped for cash, then don’t worry; the PlayStation Store is pretty good at having year-round sales. This means that, if you've already used your spending money on a new release like the Resident Evil 4 remake, then you'll still be able to take advantage of great deals down the line. However, these subsequent sales will likely be smaller, so there’s no guarantee the deals will be as good. 

What’s up for grabs 

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Plenty of great games are on sale for the PS5 and PS4, so luckily, you’ll have your pick of the best. If it’s zombies that you love, then the third-person shoot-em-up World War Z is currently on sale for $15/ £12.49. On the other hand, you have story-driven titles like the interactive drama horror The Quarry is discounted at $35 for the PS5 and $30/ £30 /AUS$50 for the PS4. 

But for me, the star of the show has to be one of my favourite space exploration RPGs, The Outer Worlds, which is on sale for $19.79 / £16.49 /AUS$29.66. While this space RPG doesn’t have fantastic variety in weapon or enemy choices, I still found it to be a delightful experience that was full of meaningful dialogue, stories, and beautiful art style. The DLC was particularly enjoyable. With smaller stakes, I was able to enjoy solving a mystery with my smooth-talking rifleman while exploring the stunning universe that this title boasts. 

With Starfield’s release date months away, and with no chance that it will be playable on the PS5, it seems like The Outer Worlds is sci-fi fans' best bet right now, along with stellar titles like Alien: Isolation, No Man’s Sky, and The Callisto Protocol. 

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