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SSD Systems evaluation

SSD Systems evaluation
(Image credit: SSD Systems)

Controlling access to your facility or business with technology is a smart way to ensure only those who are meant to can enter either your premises as a whole, or only certain areas of it. There are several things to take into account when choosing the best access control systems for your business, and this SSD Systems evaluation will look at their access control features and services.

SSD Systems: Plans and pricing

SSD Systems will invite you to contact them for a quote, as there is no fixed price. How much a plan will cost depends on the size of your business or facility, and the different hardware/software options you choose.

SSD Systems evaluation

Prices for services will vary so you need to request a quote (Image credit: SSD Systems)

SSD Systems: How it works

SSD Systems asks that you fill out a request form for more information, but you can contact them by phone or email too. You can also request a quote for the services you require through the website.

SSD will then do a site review and a needs analysis to enable them to design the access system that will work best for you. There are different types of hardware and software that you will need, from basic to more complex. SSD also provides server-client solutions with open architecture and integration across systems.

You can get just one access-controlled door or hundreds of doors across different locations according to your business needs, and SSD provides scalable solutions that can grow and evolve.

SSD Systems evaluation

SSD Systems will take you from design to installation of your access system (Image credit: SSD Systems)

SSD Systems: Features & Services

SSD Systems offers a complete range of security and fire prevention services for both business and home, but we’re going to look at their access control services.

Electronic access control eliminates the need for physical keys, and you can create and customize access rules based on day and time, as well as the individuals in your business or facility. Doors can be locked and unlocked automatically, and audit trails can be generated when you need them.

SSD provides cloud-based solutions to enable you to manage your controls through the internet whenever and wherever you are.

Integrated access control solutions combine multiple systems into one user interface, which makes for simpler management. SSD’s team of security consultants, system engineers, and certified technicians can design access control systems to integrate with the company’s proprietary video surveillance and security alarms, as well as several other third-party programs.

SSD Systems also provides ID badge software which enables you to personalize access cards with your logo, photos, and other information. Their video integration can link camera views with card reader activity to create video clips every time someone accesses a door, so you have visual evidence of who entered.

Among other things, the security alarm integration lets you know when someone has forced a door or left it propped open. Alarm systems can also be integrated to turn on and off with the access card to help minimize false alarms. 

Integrated systems will probably appeal to larger businesses and facilities where having all systems in one interface will make monitoring much easier and cost less in manpower.

SSD also staff and operate their own UL Listed alarm monitoring centers 24/7 and 365 days a year.

SSD Systems provides an access control mobile app, available on a compatible Android or iOS device that is connected to the internet. This enables you to activate a new card or key fob, remove any lost or stolen cards from the system immediately, and remotely unlock doors either for a set period of time or all day. 

The app also offers reports to show you who entered the building and when. The app is a great choice for those who want to stay in control of their premises but can’t physically be there all the time.

SSD Systems evaluation

SSD Systems provides a range of access control solutions, including a mobile app (Image credit: SSD Systems)

SSD Systems: Support and customer care

Before working with SSD Systems, a quote will be provided. 

Although SSD is one of the largest security and fire alarm companies in the nation, they are family owned and pride themselves on superior customer service. They have premises in several locations in California, Texas, and Colorado.

Each of these locations can be contacted by an individual phone number, and you can also contact SSD through a contact form on their website. There isn’t currently any online chat option, though.

There isn’t a lot of customer information available on the website—there’s neither a FAQ nor a knowledge base. Existing customers can log in to SSD Connect, building reports, and eAccess through the site, but there’s no information about what these services actually provide.

SSD Systems evaluation

SSD can be contacted by phone or email contact form (Image credit: SSD Systems)

The competition

There are a couple of competitors who are worth a mention, including Isonas, which provides proximity or keypad door readers and two software plans. Isonas is a good choice for those looking for a low-cost access control system.

Vanderbilt Industries offers intelligent door readers, fire/intrusion alarm integration, and three service plans. They have a lot of experience with providing access control for multi-location businesses.

Customer experience

There seems to be a split in positive/negative reviews for SSD Systems on Yelp. The majority of negative reviews seemed to focus on being locked in to five-year contracts and the steep fees associated with terminating the contract. The takeaway from these reviews is to read the small print very carefully.

Positive reviews tended to be from long-term customers who mentioned great customer service as well as professional, efficient installations and a quick response to problems. On balance, there were more positive than negative reviews.

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