Elden Ring DLC better drop before this multi-award winning soulslike launches

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(Image credit: Neowiz Games)

Despite its February release, Elden Ring's popularity seems to have influenced some of the big takeaways from Gamescom 2022 as Lies Of P receives 3 massive awards.

The upcoming Soulslike title impressed crowds with its unique gameplay and dark, mysterious atmosphere, netting Neowiz Games the awards for Most Wanted Sony PlayStation Game, Best Action Adventure Game, and Best Role Playing Game.

Funnily enough, Elden Ring also bagged these exact same awards at Gamescom 2021. So, you know, no pressure or anything.

Steampunk, but make it stabby

Lies Of P is a soulslike reimagining of the story of Pinocchio. Set against a dreary Victorian backdrop replete with all the brass bells, whistles, and cogs of steampunk finery, this is a fairytale not seen since the likes of America McGee's Alice: Madness Returns in 2011.

Following their sweeping victories, Neowiz Games took to the game's Steam storefront to thank their fans.

"We would like to give sincere gratitude to the fans of Lies Of P. We couldn’t have achieved this without the fans' support and love. [...] Lies Of P is scheduled to be released in 2023, and we promise that Lies Of P will live up to everyone’s expectation."

There's a chasm of time between now and then, and Elden Ring are champing at the bit for more content. But with Tokyo Games Show just a few weeks away players are hoping for news of DLC that will help bridge that gap. 

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