McAfee wins place on Fujitsu PCs

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McAfee has done a deal with Fujitsu to preinstall its McAfee Multi-Access Internet Security software on all the latter's new desktop PCs and laptops.

Under a three year contract it has taken a place previously held by Symantec and Norton, with the arrangement becoming effective immediately and providing scope for users to apply one licence to three devices.

A McAfee representative told TRPro that when a user registers to use the software on a new PC, they will be given a personal account web page and access to a download page. This will make it possible for them to install the software on any combination of Windows PC, Mac, Android tablet and Android smartphone.

It will be free to use for a trial period, then available on subscription. McAfee has not stated the cost to the UK, but the US price is $89.99 (£58) and the UK website price for the product is £74.99.

"McAfee was quick to identify the need for security software capable of dealing with the sharp increase in the devices needing protection, and has been providing multi-device security software since 2011," said Steve Petracca, Senior VP and General Manager of the Consumer, Mobile and Small Business Unit at McAfee.

The move should raise McAfee's profile in the market for home and small business PCs, an area in which Symantec has traditionally had the biggest stake in pre-installed software.