Sprint Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S users get Jelly Bean

Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S users get Jelly Bean
Nexus and Nexus S users get a taste of Android's latest OS

Sprint users who own Samsung's Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S should be seeing their own update to Android 4.1: Jelly Bean today.

Sprint confirmed that it's updating the Galaxy Nexus, giving it Google Now, improving the notifications and the phone's performance and speed.

Jelly Bean also ditches Adobe Flash Player, no longer supporting the software. The upgrade should be available for download today.

What's more, rumor has it that the Nexus S 4G will also see similar improvements with a Jelly Bean upgrade. The S most notably gets a fix for a bug that caused scrambled text messages.

Jelly Bean slowly on its way to Nexus S

However, the Nexus S will see a slower update deployment. Users should see it within a week, according to Sprint's forums.

Sprint hasn't officially announced the software on its update page, but Nexus S users should rejoice none the less.

The unlocked HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus was updated with Jelly Bean sometime ago. And users outside the U.S. have also received the new software.

But, now is the first time the update has hit American carriers.

In July, Jelly Bean started updating Android's 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich. It was designed to smooth out the edges of the platform while giving carriers and users a chance to catch up before rolling out a bigger update.

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