It's official: OS X El Capitan releases September 30

El Capitan

OS X El Capitan is nearly ready for release at the end of the month. Apple pushed the Golden Master version of its latest operating system to developers and its public beta program members, and revealed the new Mac OS will be ready for public consumption on September 30.

The Cupertino-based firm sent a mass email out to its public beta program members to inform them of the exciting news and it also thanked everyone that has participated in the program by providing feedback along the way.

As for the eventual release date, Apple publicly stated on the OS X El Capitan preview site that September 30 is the promised day.

OS X El Capitan won't drop with a huge set of new features, however, there are a few notable additions. Split View will enable snapping together app windows, a Spaces Bar to revamp multi-desktop management, and a new graphical API known as Metal - which brings 50% better performance at up to 40% higher rendering efficiency.

'Experience' and 'Performance'

Instead of new features, more focus has been paid to "Experience" and "Performance" for faster performance than ever before.

As ever, OS X El Capitan will remain free, but this year it now has a competitor in that department in the shape of Windows 10. Apple fans are a loyal bunch and will likely upgrade to El Capitan even faster than PC users have taken to Windows 10.