Next Windows 10 build gets improved Wi-Fi and Task View

Windows 10
Windows 10

Windows 10 users get excited: your next technical preview build is finally on the way and a couple of new features have leaked out that will have PC users giddy with excitement.

First reported by Neowin, the screenshots of Windows 10 build 10036 show two new features in particular that relate to how users connect to Wi-Fi and the Task View within in the operating system.

The new Wi-Fi selection window makes it easier to select a Wi-Fi network. In previous builds when you clicked on the Wi-Fi option in the Windows Action center it opened up the entire settings tab. Now there is a smaller window available that pops up and allows you to select a network.

Secondly the Task View has been given a small tweak that sees the open new desktop icon in the bottom right-hand corner and the ability to drag windows or tasks into other desktops with little fuss.

Speed boost

We're still in the realms of the unknown when it comes to a release date for the next Windows 10 build and the chance of it being outed in March remains high even though we're already 13 days in with no noise from Microsoft.

As for members of the Windows Insiders program it remains likely the new version will land sooner rather than later after Gabriel Aul confirmed on Twitter that the "Fast" ring will be given a speed boost. Though for now everyone is just playing a frustrating waiting game.

Via Neowin