Microsoft improves enterprise app visibility through BlueStripe buy

BlueStripe in all its glory

Microsoft has confirmed the acquisition of BlueStripe, an application management scheme that enables enterprises to keep a track of apps deployed in different locations.

The deal means Microsoft can provide enterprises with a solution that is able to map, monitor and troubleshoot application issues across several different operating systems, data centres and cloud environments.

BlueStripe's offering is already used by a large chunk of its customers to extend Microsoft offerings like the System Centre and Operations Management Suite. To that end Microsoft will soon stop selling it and instead incorporate it into its own products.

"Going forward, you will see BlueStripe's technology play an even more important role as new data center and cloud solutions come to market. We are thrilled with the opportunity to be part of the next wave of IT innovation," read a message on BlueStripe's home page.

Levitate to the transaction level

Stripping it down, the solution allows IT professionals the chance to take a step up from monitoring IT at an infrastructure level to doing so at the transaction level. It maps applications and dependencies and in doing so allows updating to be carried out in a much easier way, in the process helping them migrate to new platforms and the cloud.

In Microsoft's own words, the move is another towards creating "leading hybrid cloud solutions and support to customers" and it hopes to continue delivering business value that will drive innovation for its customers.