Is Twitter preparing an official Twitter Music app?

Twitter's birdsong could turn into real songs later this month
Twitter's birdsong could turn into real songs later this month

After taking on video with Vine, Twitter is reportedly setting its sights on music for its next media venture with a new standalone app.

According to a CNET report, Twitter has acquired the We Are Hunted music discovery service and is using its technology as the basis for its own music app allegedly called Twitter Music.

Twitter Music is said to offer personalized music recommendations based on a user's Twitter account, along with music streaming through SoundCloud.

Music recommendations will be based on who a user follows on Twitter, making it easy to find music by the artists they follow and artists their friends follow.

Twitter tunes

Though Twitter Music reportedly pulls recommendations based on Twitter followers, it sounds like a Twitter account will not be a requirement to use the app.

It will allegedly also offer recommendations based on the most popular songs on We Are Hunted, along with emerging artists and recommendations from across Twitter from anyone using the #NowPlaying hashtag.

CNET's report is pretty thorough, going so far as to describe the app's grid layout and app icon (a silver play button with the blue Twitter bird logo in a corner).

The site for We Are Hunted also recently went offline, which could be in preparation for the Twitter Music launch, or simply temporary maintenance.

The Twitter Music app sounds like it's in the final stages, with the report indicating it could even launch by the end of the month.

There is no shortage of music streaming services out there, so Twitter Music will have to fight an uphill battle against established services like Spotify, Pandora, and Rdio.

But with close ties to a user's Twitter followers, and more than two million followers for the official Twitter Music account already, Twitter might just have the install base to pull it off.