Google: Windows 8 App Store not competition for Chrome Web Store

Google: Windows 8 App Store not competition for Chrome Web Store"
Chrome Web Store - now with localised UK content

Google's Rahul Roy-Chowdhury has told TechRadar that he does not believe Windows 8's app store will be competition for the Chrome Web Store.

Roy-Chowdhury, speaking to TechRadar at the launch of local Chrome Web Stores for the UK and 23 other countries, had seen the integrated store within Windows 8, but was not worrying unduly.

"I've seen what's available but I don't see it as a rival or something to compare [the Chrome Web Store] with," he said.

Another channel

"With the Chrome Web Store we are not trying to be exclusive, but with apps like the BBC Good Food offering we're just keen for people to discover it," added Roy-Chowdhury

"The web store is just one distribution channel that people can access and the goal is not to lock things down to one distribution channel."

Chrome web store in action

Another thing that is designed to be simplified but not locked down in Chrome's Web Store is the payment system.

Roy-Chowdhury insists that making using Google Checkout simpler within the store is not designed to lock devs into that particular payment mechanism, but merely to give them an elegant solution.

"The way I see the payment issue is that we want to make it easy for users with Google Checkout," he added. "But we are adding that as a benefit and not a requirement.

"Developers can use their own payment system or an integrated checkout system and we would like people to choose which provides the better experience."

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