Google reportedly building a version of Chrome OS to sit within Windows 8

Google reportedly building a version of Chrome OS to sit within Windows 8
Google's new Trojan Horse?

Google is preparing to set up camp behind enemy lines by building a version of its Chrome OS to sit within the Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system, it was revealed on Saturday.

According to The Verge, Google is aiming to establish its app ecosystem within Windows 8 as part of its recently-revealed Chrome Apps initiative.

The company has updated the developer version of its Chrome browser for Windows 8, which will allow users to open a 'Metro' style Google app suite to replace the traditional Start Screen.

Doing thus will open a new launch bar featuring Google-only apps like YouTube, Google Search, Drive, Google Docs and more.

Identical to 'Chrome OS'

The Verge, which has tested the new functionality, said the UI and functionality was 'identical' to the Chrome OS, which runs on the web giant's Chromebook laptops.

"Like Chrome OS, you can create multiple browser windows and arrange them using a snap to the left or right of the display or fullscreen modes. An app launcher is also available in the lower left-hand corner," the site wrote.

Google has attempted a similar strategy within Apple's iOS platform by allowing users to jump from apps like Chrome, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Search and more without interacting with any of the native Apple applications.

Is Google attempting a similar takeover on Microsoft's home turf and give the Chrome OS a major boost in the meantime? For more details and screenshots, check out the source link.

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