Evernote teams up with Salesforce to aid business collaboration

Evernote and Salesforce.com logos
Working together in the cloud

Evernote is among the most popular services in the cloud-based, note-taking arena, and now the company is looking to ramp up adoption of its business version by offering integration with Salesforce.com's customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Evernote Business, which was introduced in August 2012, extends beyond the consumer version by helping organisations collaborate on notes and share notebooks.

Thanks to a new Evernote for Salesforce app on Salesforce.com's AppExchange marketplace, users can now add add sales information, customer research, contacts, meeting notes and email exchanges stored in Evernote Business directly to customer records in a single click.

Offline support

The idea is that sales and support teams can access content faster to be more productive, but there's a second advantage.

Because Evernote Business works on a mobile or desktop PC while offline, Evernote says that sales teams can use the new app to input customer and lead information in the absence of a connection before syncing it back to Salesforce records once online.

Other features include functionality for attaching audio, images and files to customer records from in Salesforce, the ability to view relevant notes from departments automatically, and the ability to build a historical archive of company accounts.

Evernote for Salesforce is available now at a cost of £8 (US$13) per user per month.

Evernote Business 2.0

Evernote has also launched a new version of its business offering alongside the new Salesforce.com app that will be available from 3 October. Its key features are:

  • Expertise Discovery - Allows keyword searches that suggest coworkers with knowledge on a certain subject
  • Evernote Business Home - Provides a central hub for information stored within a business
  • Faster Knowledge Sharing - Lets you add coworkers into relevant notebooks to access information faster
  • Programmatic User Management - Offers simplified management of employees with Evernote Business accounts
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