Download of the Day: Microsoft Mathematics

Microsoft Mathematics
Microsoft Mathematics

Mathematics and science students never need worry about splashing out on an expensive scientific or graphics calculator ever again thanks to the extensive set of features inside Microsoft Mathematics.

Why you need it

Advanced mathematics looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics to a lot of people yet there are plenty that use them to solve every day problems and Microsoft Mathematics was created to make this process a lot more straightforward for even beginners.

The program is a completely free complex calculator that has everything you'd expect on a small screened scientific calculator or graphical calculator just in a larger and more manageable screen without the tedious button combinations that have plagued regular plastic calculators.

It isn't just a tool to solve problems though. Whilst students are using the Microsoft Mathematics program they will learn the fundamental basics of scientific and graphical mathematics as well as become more enamoured to the more advanced aspects through step-by-step equation solving. Numbers and information can be put in using either a keyboard or the ink setting that enables you to write the information in manually and thus opens up possibilities for laptop owners with graphical tablets.

The numerical input calculator interface to the left hand side has a range of different sections and which one you use largely depends on the work you're doing. Its sections cover calculus, statistics, trigonometry, linear algebra and standard symbols, in addition to the numbers that are situated at the foot of the calculator.

Whether its a complex formula, equation or triangle that needs to be solved, Microsoft Mathematics copes well in all situations. The only question we found ourselves asking is how something so advanced and helpful can still be available completely free?

Key features

Works on: All versions of Windows

Versions: Free

Favourite Buttons: Right click on the buttons you use most often to add them to the favourite buttons group in order that they are easier to find in future.

Export to Microsoft programs: Anything that you work on in Microsoft Mathematics can be exported to Word or other Microsoft programs and there us of course then the chance to print out the results of your calculations.

Easy step-by-step instructions: Students of any age or ability can use Microsoft Mathematics thanks to the detailed instructions that it provides to anyone wanting to solve problems using the program.