Samsung puts digital at the heart of new B2B partner programme

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
(Image credit: TechRadar)

Samsung has launched a new partner programme for the B2B market, claiming the digital focus of ‘Samsung One’ will help resellers maximise sales and increase the level of support they are able to offer business customers during the current climate of uncertainty.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has seen organisations of all sizes shift towards flexible working practices that make use of mobile technologies. Samsung believes this trend, along with the rollouts of 5G networks, means there will be greater demand for mobile hardware and services.

The Korean electronics giant wants the 12,000 salespeople that sell its products to businesses in the UK to be as well-equipped as possible so they can encourage adoption of new technologies and capture this demand.

Samsung One

“There is no doubt that this year’s unpredictable events have driven a need to be more connected, collaborate seamlessly, and empower our people, wherever they are,” said Joe Walsh, director of B2B at Samsung UK & Ireland. “By launching this programme, we acknowledge that mobility and on-demand learning have become more vital than ever before.”

Central to the Samsung One proposition is the ability to access relevant information whenever and wherever it is needed.

A dedicated mobile application acts a hub, offering access to sales tools and product information, while a sales dashboard allows partners to analyse data and identify insights that can improve performance. Samsung also offers B2B-specific online training modules for 5G and other topics and has created an online community that will allow salespeople to share best practices.

There are four tiers to the programme (register, authorised, advanced, and elite) but Samsung says there will be a high degree of personalisation so participants can achieve their performance targets and meet the demands of their customers.  

“With Samsung One, we bring a series of excellent support tools together to enable our partners and their customers to deliver consistent and accelerated growth,” continued Walsh. “This represents our commitment to enhance our partners’ mobility strategy in business through education, motivation, communication and incentivisation. We strongly believe it will change the way we work with our partners and look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.”

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