Raspberry Pi 4 deal is now cheaper than ever for its 8th birthday

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If you're looking to get started building your own computer systems, then good news - one of the most popular versions of the Raspberry Pi 4 is now cheaper than ever.

The hugely popular computing device is getting a permanent price cut for its 8th birthday, with the 2GB Raspberry Pi now available for just $35 (around £27/$AU53).

That means you can kickstart your own home computing system for the same as half a tank of fuel.

Raspberry Pi deal

Along with it coinciding with the 8th birthday of the company, Raspberry Pi says that falling RAM prices have allowed it to cut the price of its hardware. The price cut means that the Raspberry Pi 4 is now on sale for the same amount as the original device was back in 2012. 

The Raspberry Pi 4 was launched in June 2019, boasting run times around forty times faster than the original, as well as 8x the memory, and described by founder Eben Upton as "the Raspberry Pi I’d buy for my parents”.

The Raspberry Pi 4 also features Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB-C connectivity (along with two USB 2 and 2 USB 3 ports), and two micro HDMI ports capable of supporting dual 4K displays.

The company added that over 30 million Raspberry Pi computers have been sold since the first device went on sale on February 29 2012.

"In the years since...we’ve seen our products used in an incredible range of applications all over the world (and occasionally off it); and we’ve found our own place in a community of makers, hobbyists, engineers and educators who are changing the world, one project, or one student, at a time," Upton wrote in a blog post.

The 1GB and 4GB versions of the Raspberry Pi 4 will remain on sale, but their prices will be unchanged at $25 (around £19/$AU38) and $55 (around £42/ $AU84) respectively.

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