Python finally topples Java as the world's second-most popular programming language

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Demand for Python continues to grow and now for the first time ever, it has managed to overtake Java to become the second-most popular programming language in Tiobe's latest index.

The TIOBE Programming Community index is updated once a month and serves as an indicator of the popularity of programming languages. The index's ratings are based on the number of skilled engineers, courses and third party vendors globally as well as the results from popular search engines and online services.

While C has retained its top spot in the TIOBE Index for November 2020, Python has knocked Java down into third place as the programming language is now favored by developers for both data science and machine learning projects.

Compared to its position during the same period last year, Python has risen in popularity by 2.27 percent while Java's popularity has fallen by 4.47 percent.

Python's rise in popularity

First created in 1991, Python has seen a recent surge in popularity due to how it's now being used by data scientists and in machine learning. However, Tiobe's CEO Paul Jansen has a different theory which he provided further insight on in the TIOBE Index for November 2020, saying:

“I believe that Python's popularity has to do with general demand. In the past, most programming activities were performed by software engineers. But programming skills are needed everywhere nowadays and there is a lack of good software developers. As a consequence, we need something simple that can be handled by non-software engineers, something easy to learn with fast edit cycles and smooth deployment. Python meets all these needs.”

Rounding out the rest of Tiobe's latest index, C++ took fourth place followed by C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Php, R and SQL to make up the rest of the top ten most popular programming languages.

However, Java still has a rating of 11.68 percent compared to Python's 12.12 percent, so we could see Java regain the number two spot in next month's index. 

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