Pokémon Unite's Azumarill has launched a little underwhelming

Azumarill joins Pokémon Unite
(Image credit: Pokemon company)

Pokémon Unite has added a new character to its ranks in the form of Azumarill, who joins the growing roster.

Pokémon Unite has a dedicated following now, and it has been adding characters since its release last July, with Azumarill – the 34th pokémon you can play as in-game (excluding pre-evolved forms).

Azumarill is described as a melee all-rounder on the Pokémon Unite website, who has an even split between offense, endurance, mobility, and scoring stats. If you are looking for a jack of all trades, the water-type pokémon looks like it might just be right for you. 

It has access to several key attacks in the form of Play Rough, Aqua Tail, Whirlpool, and Water Pulse. Each has its place and makes Azumarill a fine option in the bottom lane. 

You can check out the pokémon in action in this new trailer which shows off the melee character and its abilities:

It’s landing a little weak

While it’s great to see Azumarill added to the game, it seems as though it might be coming in a little weak. Several posters on Reddit have made allusions to the character being uninspiring, and lacking an identity.

The highest-rated comment says, “I can't help but feel that if it had either higher bulk, or higher HP regen on its moves, it would actually be decent as another all-rounder, but it just feels middles across the board, having no niche to make it different from others.”

Another echoed the sentiment, saying, “It's quite ok I guess... Not DoA [dead on arrival] or at least not entirely (play rough damage is a joke) however it seems to be too slow and it lacks endurance in 1 vs 1.”

Of course, new characters added to hero games like MOBAs tend to either arrive over-tuned or a little underwhelming before being buffed or nerfed to better suit the game. Here’s hoping the development team put some love into Azumarill and makes it a force to be reckoned with.

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