Pokémon Go is getting a change that fans have been demanding for years

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Pokémon Go’s Mega Evolutions, the system through which you can temporarily upgrade your fully evolved pocket monsters, looks to be getting a major do-over, changing the stilted process for the better.

A recent datamine by backend explorers PokeMiners suggests Pokémon Go will be overhauling Mega Evolutions with a new leveling system in an upcoming update (thanks, Eurogamer). It suggests that you’ll soon be able to upgrade the temporary evolutions of your pokémon through a series of tiers, unlocking extra perks including additional XP, reduced ability cooldowns, and extra candy.

The datamine also revealed a Free Mega Evolution Icon, which suggests you’ll occasionally be able to upgrade pokémon to a new evolutionary tier without cost.

Necessary changes

A pocket monster being caught in Pokemon Go

(Image credit: Niantic)

Pokémon Go’s Mega Evolution system has been something of a sticking point for fans of the mobile game since the mechanic was added back in 2020. Currently, players need to collect enough Mega Energy to activate one of the temporary evolutions, earning the consumable resource by taking on specific Pokémon in Raid Battles.

Not only do those raids require you to find other players to join up with, but they also earn you notably little Mega Energy. You’ll need to complete multiple raids to get your hands on enough of the finicky resource to upgrade your pokémon. You can also earn Mega Energy by walking your Buddy Pokémon, but only after you’ve previously evolved them through raids.

On top of that, the Mega Evolutions only last for a few hours, leading some players to conclude they’re not worth the hassle.

The Free Mega Evolution Icons mentioned in the datamine suggest it will soon be easier to evolve pokémon without resorting to grinding raids. Further, a level system may make the benefits of such mega evolutions more permanent, and the rewards for achieving them more worthwhile.

Remember, these changes haven’t been officially announced or confirmed by Pokémon Go developer Niantic, and the exact tweaks may differ from what’s presented here. But the datamine does suggest a revamp to the much-maligned mechanic is on the way, which will be welcome news to Pokémon Go fans disappointed with the current system.

We can expect more details of the new system to be revealed in the coming weeks, through future datamines and official announcements.

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